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Bed & Breakfast La Laguna on Tenerife is certainly one of the nicest places to stay on Tenerife.

All rooms are very comfortable and have some kind of romantic interior and lighting. The 4-bed dorm was a bit small however, with not much space to put your things. However, there are big wooden custom-made lockers free to use. The beds are very comfortable too. Despite there being no heating in winter it was still bearable in the rooms as they are in the center of the building. The 8-share dorm is much bigger with more space and had an electrical heater inside. The toilets and showers are very clean but might raise some privacy concerns. There is also a free breakfast included in the price which has everything you might desire: Toast, butter, jams, tea, coffee, juices, cereals, milk, cookies, cake, fresh oranges…

The owner Chiara is very friendly and helpful when it comes to explaining you the city and how to get around. She is also very eager to pluck you some oranges from the trees on the yard inside the hostel where lemon trees are growing as well. There is also a great outdoor area that includes a kitchen, fire place, tables and seating. From there you can reach a rooftop terrace for your sunbathing. Pretty amazing to see her running this place completely on her own. You can tell from the interior and many small details that she put a lot of love and hard work in her place.

Free WiFi
Very clean
Big lockers
Rich breakfast
Rooftop terrace
Free Oranges & Lemons
Location near city center
Extremely friendly & helpful owner
Outdoor kitchen, seating & fireplace
Orange & lemon trees + seating
4-bed dorm very small
Showers & Toilets may lack privacy

La Laguna Bed & Breakfast
Beds from EUR 18.00
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La Laguna Bed & Breakfast La Laguna Bed & Breakfast
La Laguna Bed & Breakfast La Laguna Bed & Breakfast
Our Rating:
Bed & Breakfast La Laguna – Tenerife

Rated 4.5 / 5.0 (1 review)

From EUR 18.00 per Person (4-share dorm) (Available)

Lovely place in an old historic town.

(Last Reviewed: January 2015)

The La Terrera Youth Hostel is located in La Laguna in the north of Tenerife, just a few hundred meters north of the city center. This is the old capital of Tenerife, therefore it has many interesting historic buildings and churches. The city is about 600m above sea level, so it can get quite chilly up here, especially in the evening and at night when you can expect only around 10 degrees in winter.

The hostel is rather small with only very few beds, making it a very cozy, homestay-like place. The interior design is lovely and reminds of a house in the countryside. The lady owner is very nice too, so are the 2 guys from the staff. A small breakfast with Coffee, Tea, Toast, Butter, Jam and Cookies is available in the morning. There’s also a small backyard where you can relax and enjoy the sun. The bathroom with toilet and shower is ok, taking a shower however a bit awkward in the bathtub. As the other bathroom was out of order at the time of our stay it’s possible people have to wait for the toilet until someone is done with their shower. Also there is no working heating in the room, so at night it can get quite cold in the room in winter. However, warm blankets are provided.

Free WiFi
Cozy atmosphere
Free breakfast included
No heating in winter
Dorm door not closing properly
No keys for room & front door
Only 1 working toilet/bathroom

La Terrera Hostel - La Laguna - Tenerife
Beds from EUR 18.00
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Our Rating:
La Terrera Youth Hostel – La Laguna – Tenerife

Rated 3.5 / 5.0 (1 review)

From EUR 18.00 per Person – 6-share Dorm (Available)

Good place to stay to explore the city and meet a few locals in the hostel.

(Last Reviewed: January 2015)

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