The White House Hostel in Sligo is situated just next to the river, about 10 minutes walk from the bus center. It seems to consist of 2 buildings, so don’t get confused. For check-in ring the bell in the second building BEHIND the first one with the sign infront of it. If you are lucky, the toothless man will open the door for you (otherwise just shout and wait). The hostel has a kitchen, common room and a nice patio with comfy sofa and chairs. However, the whole place looks pretty old and rundown. Only one shower for the whole hostel doesn’t seem enough. The kitchen isn’t that great either. But at least the room was rather clean, just had no doorlock! 15 EUR per night is definately too expensive for this kind of place. One could expect a lot more value for this price like elsewhere in Ireland.
Clean rooms
Quiet location
Nice patio
Free WiFi
Insufficient showers
Kitchen & Bathroom
Lacks character (rundown)
No breakfast
No room locks
Too expensive

White House Hostel Sligo White House Hostel Sligo - Sign
Beds from EUR 15.00
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Our Rating:
    2.5 / 5.0
It could be worse.

(Last Reviewed: June 2011)