Vumba Lodge in Bvumba (with a silent initial ‘B’) is in a wonderful location about 20km outside Mutare by the Mozambique border. The lodge is in beautifully manicured gardens with great views of the hills and surrounded by forest filled with birds and monkeys. What could go wrong? Well, the Small World team that also run 2 lodges for backpackers in Harare, don’t really maintain their properties to western standards. The lodge wasn’t signed when I visited, so hard to find as all the properties along this remote road are set back up the hill in the trees, so need signing. After 100m or so, the driveway reveals a beautiful old house in these gorgeous gardens complete with ornamental ponds, but the interior really needs some work.

Although it isn’t bad, it could be so much better. The sitting room is large and comfy, particularly with the fire lit in the evenings, but is let down by hardly any light bulbs in the many lamps. The flat-screen TV was also not working. The kitchen for self-caterers is fairly basic, a bit grubby and has none of the things you’d expect. No kettle, no toaster and no microwave. There was no light here either! The 2 dorms are 8-bed and 6-bed. The 8-bed was a bit cramped, but comfy as I picked the one with the thick mattress. The others were a bit soft and flimsy, but plenty of blankets were provided. Hot water is available on request, but may be by the bucket. The staff are very helpful and can cook for you if you give notice before arriving as this is a lodge for self-caterers mostly. A bit more care from the owners would make this a fantastic place, but it’s not bad at the price.

Beautiful location

Excellent staff

Great garden


No WiFi

Poor maintenance

Poorly equipped kitchen

Vumba Lodge Bvumba Vumba Lodge Bvumba - House
Vumba Lodge Bvumba - Way Vumba Lodge Bvumba - Lobby
Vumba Lodge Bvumba - Double room Vumba Lodge - Bvumba - Dorm
Vumba Lodge - Bvumba - Dining Room
Beds from USD 10.00
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Our Rating:
Vumba Lodge – Bvumba

Rated 2.5 / 5.0 (1 review)

From USD 10.00 per person – dorm (available)

Not bad for the price.

(Last Reviewed: August 2016)