The NOMADS Backpackers by the Beach Newcastle is a very relaxing place, located just 2 minutes walk from the wide empty beach, accross the street from the YHA, the train station just around the corner (trains from Sydney take 1.5 hours here). Rooms are spacious, the single beds awesome (no bunks!), a bathroom was attached to our dormitory as well. Rooms, bathrooms and kitchen, everything looked clean and tidy. There’s a big kitchen and seating area just behind the entrance door that you have to pass through, so there’s a big chance to meet alot of nice people cooking and eating. At night this becomes the main gathering place in the hostel. Every morning while you are taking your breakfast they’re playing Jack Johnson which makes the whole atmosphere even more relaxing. The staff (Danish guy) was really nice too. Simply a great place to stay !
Big kitchen
Single beds (no bunks)
Free breakfast
Great location
Great people
Lots of fun
Nice staff
Sociable place
Clean & tidy rooms
Attached bathrooms

Backpackers by the Beach Newcastle

Our Rating:
    5.0 / 5.0
A really great place to stay, lots of fun and great people guaranteed!
(Last Reviewed: November 2004)