The Hawane Resort Stables lies about a kilometre off the road on the MR3 north of Mbabane, the capital. It provides backpacker dorms in the old, disused stables. It’s very basic here. After the high quality of the dorms in the east and centre of Swaziland, you get a big jolt back to reality at Hawane if you’re on a tight budget.

The dorm beds occupy the 12 stables in the old building. They are in a mixture of configurations; one has just two singles, one has six bunk beds, all in the same space, so it’s very cramped in some of them. Some of the beds rocked and rolled a bit when sat on and felt they would collapse. But with 36 beds to choose from – if it isn’t busy – you can pick and choose. Some of the beds have duvets which help alleviate the cold feeling of the dark interior and plain cement walls.

The toilets and showers are also in the stables, but only the women’s have partitioned showers. There is hot water, however. The stables also hold a kitchen for self-catering with a decent set of equipment. The onsite restaurant is a bit pricey as it caters more for the chalet occupants.

A swimming pool with sun loungers and a dartboard are situated in the gardens. There is WiFi but it wasn’t working when we were there. Everything here in the backpackers’ dorms is a bit grubby – it could certainly do with some colour as it’s also pretty dark even during the daytime. Hawane’s website tells you the dorms are in the old stables and that’s what you get.

Novelty value

Swimming pool

Dark & dirty

Poor location

Wi-Fi unpredictable

Food not always available in restaurant

The Hawane Resort Stables The Hawane Resort Stables
The Hawane Resort Stables The Hawane Resort Stables
The Hawane Resort Stables The Hawane Resort Stables
The Hawane Resort Stables
Beds from R120
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Our Rating:
The Hawane Resort Stables

Rated 2.0 / 5.0 (1 review)

From R120 per person – dorm (available)

Extremely basic. Not recommended.

(Last Reviewed: October 2016)