The prices for backpacker hostels vary greatly between different countries, regions and locations in the world. For example, for a hostel in Paris you won’t get away for under 15 Euro (20 USD) in a cramped dorm room, the same goes for the cheapest hostels in London where you can expect to pay not less than 10 Pounds (16 USD) and above for a dorm bed. Ireland tends to be even more expensive than that. Yes, Europe is one of the most expensive regions in the world to travel.

The hostels in Australia and New Zealand have become more and more expensive too in recent years, thanks to the steady flow of backpackers coming in from all over the world. For example the hostels in Sydney now start at around 20 Australian Dollars (21 USD), while 10 years ago it was not hard to find hostels for around 15 AUD (16 USD) and below. This is roughly a 33% price increase in 10 years. Many other hostels in Sydney have started charging now 30-35 AUD (32-37 USD) for a single dorm bed which is insane, given the low value of a simple bed on 2 square meters of space, and this space even shared with another person on the other bunk bed. The situation in New Zealand is luckily not as bad. For example many hostels in Auckland starting at about 19 NZD (15 USD) for a bed in a dormitory room.

If your budget is very tight, the best value for money you can get in Asia of course. But even here the prices have increased significantly in the past few years, with a few exceptions. In Thailand you can rent a single room (which is more common in Asia than dorms) for about 100-200 Baht (3-6 USD). In more touristy places expect to pay 300-500 Baht (10-16 USD) per night. In Malaysia you still can get dorm beds for around 10 Malaysian Ringgit (3 USD) per night, whereas single rooms tend to be more expensive, less clean, less comfortable than in Thailand at around 20-35 MYR (6.50-11.50 USD). In Laos expect to pay between 20,000 and 35,000 Lao Kip (2.50-4.50 USD) for a single room in a backpacker hostel. In Cambodia you can pay anything between 2.00 and 5.00 USD for a single room. Prices for backpacker hostels in Vietnam usually range between 60,000-120,000 Vietnamese Dong (3-6 USD) for a single room. Finally Singapore, expect to pay anything from 20 SGD (16 USD) and above for simple, cramped dormitory room – worst value for money in Southeast-Asia. In Japan at least you are getting a nice, clean, however rather small and even more expensive room for 3,000-4,000 Japanese Yen (30-40 USD). A dormitory in Tokyo or anywhere else in Japan can cost you around 1,500-2,500 Yen (15-25 USD).

One more general advice: Please be aware that in certain countries and cities it is common that prices for hostels increase sharply during the weekends (Friday & Saturday night). Sometimes the price increase is only 10-20%, but can be as much as 50% compared to the normal price during the week. If you are unlucky and it happens to be that you reach a city like London or Singapore during a special event like the Olympic Games or a Formula One Race be prepared to pay a 100-200% bonus for your accommodation, double or triple the normal price. Yes, hostel owners know very well how to profit on the back of this kind of events – without providing any kind of better service or spending a single Cent more on their property. This is just money making that we highly object, but often you won’t have a choice for a cheaper alternative as almost all backpacker hostels do it. Unless you are moving on to the next city…