Sheila’s Hostel Cork is less than 10 minutes walk from the busstation and city center, sitting on a small hill at the end of a steep lane. The dorm room was clean, but very cramped (more beds = more profit), so there’s basically just about 8 square meters left between the 4 bunk beds for 8 people to move around (1 sqm/person). We would suggest only 3 bunk beds with 6 people in this room for more comfort of the guests. They also give you a bed number upon check-in, but beds in our room had no visible numbers at all. Free WiFi is available – however, the signal was just too weak to be used in the room (also certain internet services/ports are blocked). Very cheap internet terminals are available downstairs as well. Safety is good, rooms have electronic card access, 24hr CCTV is in operation on the premises. The place could need some maintenance here and there as well, but especially in the bathrooms/toilets/showers. The bathrooms and toilets are very small and seem insufficient for a whole floor, the spilling automatic taps can be annoying. The common room downstairs and the kitchen with seating area are good, shelves and food baskets are provided, 2 fridges and 1 microwave are available too.

We would recommend you to book your bed ahead as the walk-in-rate is 15 EUR instead of 13 EUR when booking online (this even guarantees you a bed). This is for an 8-share dorm, and actually we would have expected a breakfast included in this price as well – this is common in Ireland and offered by the hostels nearby for the very same room rate of 15 EUR. However, if you pay another 3 EUR, you’ll get your breakfast here as well. Apart from that, the staff was friendly and helpful.
Clean rooms
Good/big kitchen
Free WiFi
Friendly staff
No free breakfast
Uphill location
Cramped room
WiFi signal too weak
Spilling automatic taps
Insufficient toilets/showers

Sheila's Hostel Cork Sheila's Hostel Cork - Entrance
Sheila's Hostel Cork - Seating Sheila's Hostel Cork - Common Area
Sheila's Hostel Cork - Kitchen Sheila's Hostel Cork - Kitchen Seating
Sheila's Hostel Cork - 8-share Dorm
Beds from EUR 13.00
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Our Rating:
    3.5 / 5.0
Good place to stay, but not overwhelming.

(Last Reviewed: June 2011)