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United Hostel Frankfurt is a shiny new hostel in Frankfurt city. It is conveniently located near Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (Main Railway station), just a 5min straight walk from the station’s main exit down Kaiserstrasse. To the city it’s just about 15min walk from here. The surrounding area however could be a bit better, with the red-light district just behind and weird or homeless people drinking near the station. But that’s the price for the convenient location as most station areas in western countries look pretty much the same way.

The hostel entrance greets you with 3 LCD screens playing music videos all day long and an orange car, especially designed and built for the hostel. Yes, it drives, is registered, allowed to be used on the road, and was very expensive to make (we were told by the Indian guy). The design of the interior and the colorful lighting is very unique, although some people might find it a bit disturbing. It’s basically on the whole 1st floor, entrance and reception area.

Upon check-in we were given our electronic access card and a professionally printed receipt by the friendly and helpful staff. The price of 17.00 EUR for a bed in the 12-share dorm seems a bit expensive, but the location is conveniently close to the station (i.e. to catch a train to the airport the next morning) and also the room is a bit separated by the bathroom – so it’s more like a 2x 6-bed dorm. However, if you Book here > you might find a cheaper 14-bed dorm for 14.00 EUR only. The bathroom attached to the dorm is quite small, but it’s still OK to use. All beds have a power socket, but 1 EUR/day has to be paid in order to get them turned on.

There were big lockers in the room and a washing basin with mirror. Also there’s free WiFi, internet computers near the reception, an elevator, a pool table, a kitchen with microwaves and a big breakfast room with the shiny interior, including 2 flat-screen TVs, extra toilets and the fancy lighting. Some like it, others don’t. The breakfast for 4.50 EUR looked very good though. We liked to big, comfortable beds that provided some sort of privacy. One thing we didn’t like was that fact that a key-card is needed to use the room lights in the dorm. What happens in the evening/night is that the person leaving the room is taking out the card and the whole room gets dark. Until someone else in the room finds his/her way through the darkness to put his/her card in the slot. Not properly thought-through this one. Apart from that it’s a great place to stay and a unique design experience. We can recommend United Hostel Frankfurt.

Convenient location
New & modern
Great interior design/lighting
Great common areas / TV
Friendly staff
Dorm with bathroom
Dorm with washing basin & mirror
Big lockers in dorm (free)
WiFi free
Internet computers
Kitchen with Microwaves
Breakfast provided (4.50 EUR)
Bit expensive
Power on bed 1 EUR/day
Bathroom very small
Key-card for dorm light
Bit sleazy surroundings

United Hostel Frankfurt United Hostel Frankfurt
United Hostel Frankfurt United Hostel Frankfurt
United Hostel Frankfurt United Hostel Frankfurt
United Hostel Frankfurt United Hostel Frankfurt
United Hostel Frankfurt United Hostel Frankfurt
United Hostel Frankfurt
Beds from EUR 14.00
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Our Rating:
United Hostel Frankfurt

Rated 4.0 / 5.0 (1 review)

From EUR 14.00 / Dorm Bed (Available)

Unique experience. Recommended !

(Last Reviewed: January 2013)

A & O Hostel Frankfurt is a big, very new hostel and hotel complex about 2km or a 25min walk from Frankfurt/Main railway station (Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof). It’s actually right besides S-Bahn stop ‘Galluswarte’, so you can take the S-Bahn train from and to the main station. The place is operated by a holding company that runs several budget hostels in Germany in all major cities. To the Frankfurt city center it’s probably a 30-45min walk from the hostel.

The interior and facilities look shiny new and modern. There’s a big reception area with several seatings, Internet PCs, Children’s playground, Bar, Digital TV and Vending machines. Upon check-in we had to pay an additional EUR 3.00/person for bed sheets which was a bit of a put off. Who carries around their own bed sheets? This should be standard and included. Another put off was that the WiFi is not free to use in the room (as it is also standard these days, especially in brand new hostels). They ask for 1.00 EUR for 1 hour or 5.00 EUR for 24 hours – a personal registration with name and email address is required. However, they do provide free WiFi, but only in the Lobby. And again, you are forced to register with your personal details.

The 8-share dormitory is located in a different building across the backyard. An electronic access card is required to enter the building which is under video surveillance. There is an elevator, but only after taking the staircase up or down a half level. The dorm room accessible by key card is equipped with a table and chairs, a small flat-screen TV, a wardrobe, free lockers (bring your own padlock), 3 bunk beds and a comfortable double bed – which is a real original idea in a dorm, a bit funny though. Furthermore there are a separate shower and bathroom/toilet attached which is great when sharing with 8 people. The room is being cleaned daily. There’s no breakfast included in the price, but it can be purchased in the morning.

Overall the A & O Hostel Frankfurt Galluswarte is a very decent place, especially considering the moderate price of just EUR 9.75 for a dorm bed. We can definitely recommend this place.

Very new & modern
Great common area
LCD TV in dorm
Separate toilet & shower in dorm
Table & free lockers
Good value for money
Bed sheets payable EUR 3.00
WiFi payable (except lobby)
Bit far from the city

Frankfurt A&O Hostel Frankfurt A&O Hostel
Frankfurt A&O Hostel Frankfurt A&O Hostel
Frankfurt A&O Hostel Frankfurt A&O Hostel
Frankfurt A&O Hostel Frankfurt A&O Hostel
Frankfurt A&O Hostel
Beds from EUR 9.75
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Our Rating:
Frankfurt – A&O Hostel

Rated 4.5 / 5.0 (1 review)

From EUR 9.75 / Dorm Bed (Available)

Comfortable new Hostel. Recommended!

(Last Reviewed: January 2014)

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