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Probably the newest and one of the cleanest hostels in Cairns, the Gilligan’s is a good place to stay, especially if you like the party atmosphere with the big pool and the bar right next to it. It is located on Grafton Street just 5 minutes walk from the bus stop and the small city center (CBD) with the shopping malls. The hostel – which appears more like a big, modern hotel building – seemed pretty clean when we visited last time, also the rooms were clean & tidy.
Gilligans Backpacker Hostel Cairns - Outside
Rooms from AU$ 26.00
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Gilligans Backpacker Hostel Cairns - Reception Gilligans Backpacker Hostel Cairns - Pool
The Globe Backpackers Sydney is located in Kings Cross on the main road (Darlinghurst Road). They have a few large chillout spaces, even a big TV, comfy chairs and couches. The smoker room with the big window to the street and the hard wooden chairs looks rather scruffy though. Also they offer a free basic breakfast, but don’t expect much. The dorm room we stayed in was an 8 share – however, there was a door to another dormitory, resulting in a crowd of people passing through all the time, making it literally a 16 share when you’re staying in the first room. Rooms were so-so clean, but bathrooms looked simply disgusting. But it’s without a doubt a good place to meet all kinds of people. The location in Kings Cross is OK, even the area and crowds are still a bit weird. Sydney has done a lot of upgrading in recent years in Kings Cross, so it doesn’t look as bad anymore as it used to be some 5-10 years ago.
Comfortable chillout spaces
Sociable place
Sky TV
Free breakfast
Free WiFi
Good location
Rooms hot
Generally not as clean
Bathrooms disgusting

The Globe Backpackers Sydney
Rooms from AUD 21.00
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Our Rating:
    3.5 / 5.0
An acceptable place to stay if you don’t mind a little dirt and the noisy party atmosphere at night. Otherwise you might want to stay somewhere else (more expensive).
(Last Reviewed: November 2006)
Bernly Private Hotel Sydney - Entrance Bernly Private Hotel Sydney (Potts Point) is located in Kings Cross (just behind the Hungry Jacks) like most of the other cheap backpacker places in Sydney. It’s in a rather old building, and looks somehow special compared to "normal" backpacker hostels. But for some reason the tap water was dirty and full of sand!!! We were told this might be caused by the construction site infront of the door. The toilets weren’t that great either. The doorm rooms are clean and have a small fridge. The german manager Martin (the one with the ear ring) is really nice and very helpful.
Free breakfast with toast, tea & coffee
Good location (except environment)
Nice staff
Rooms clean with fridge
Sky TV
Great rooftop terrace
No internet (as promised)
Sand in tap water (very dirty)
Bad environment/area
Toilets not good

Bernly Private Hotel Sydney

Our Rating:
    2.5 / 5.0
Nice building, but just a so-so place to stay. You can probably get a better deal elsewhere.
(Last Reviewed: October 2004)
UPDATE 11/2006: The Hostel is closed. The whole building is under reconstruction.
The Darwin YHA is located on Mitchell Street in central Darwin. The place looked quite clean, rooms are spacious and tidy. The kitchen is well equipped but a little small. There’s a rather big common area where people can have their breakfast or dinner and can gather in the evenings. Outside there’s a nice pool area as well. The price was rather high – as usual for YHAs. Staff is friendly and helpful though. In case you are planning to buy a car there is a 2nd hand car market just across the street.

Good location
Big common area
Friendly staff
Very expensive
Insufficient cutlery

Beds from AU$29.00
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Our Rating:
    4.0 / 5.0
Good place.

(Last Reviewed: August 2005)

The Corona Backpackers in Cairns is probably the cheapest accommodation in Cairns. Dorm beds for just AU$9 were an unbeatable price at that time, a real bargain. However, management soon increased the price to AU$11 and later further to AU$15 – still affordable but not such a bargain anymore. Location-wise it’s right in the city center of Cairns, just across the street from Gilligan’s and only 5 minutes walk to Cairns Central Shopping Centre.

The place itself is quite basic. Rooms have a fan, but most don’t have windows at all or windows just facing the building next door an arm length away – no daylight. There are 2 kitchens with tables and seating, equipped with pots and pans, but unfortunately no cutlery – bit shameful for a self-describing ‘QUALITY BUDGET ACCOMODATION’ being forced to eat with your hands. On the plus side the reception hands out meal vouchers for a free basic meal at The Woolshed every night – great idea!

However, it would be good to have a common room other than a kitchen where people can meet and make friends, but there’s just none. As a result the social gatherings take place on the stairs at the back of the building (the infamous "CORONA STAIRS") next to the combined toilets and showers (just 2 per floor aren’t enough). While using those, make sure the window isn’t opened too wide as the people hanging out at the stairs might wanna take a glimpse. The best part of the hostel is certainly the staff, which was real awesome, friendly and helpful. The owner’s son Angelo Caravella, his mate Ivan and pretty Jodi Noden made our stay here unforgettable.

Good location
Fun place
Great staff
2 Kitchens
Bargain price
No internet
No cuttlery
No proper windows
No common room

Corona Backpackers - Cairns
Beds from AU$15.00
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Our Rating:
    3.0 / 5.0
Average place, but helpful staff & fun people.

(Last Reviewed: March 2005)

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