The Room is your home away from home. You should plan ahead carefully before starting your journey and decide what kind of room you want. As you are most likely on a very tight budget the Dormitory is the way to go. In Asia, go for a Single Room as it is quite cheap and offers more privacy and safety. If you are traveling with your partner and your budget is not as tight, go for the Double Room with aircon. If you are traveling with a friend or relative, look out for backpacker hostels that offer Twin Rooms. The same goes for traveling families, try to find a good, cheap hostel that can provide a Family Room with 3 or 4 beds.

Please choose which type of room you prefer to get more information:

Dorm Rooms (Dormitory) – The cheapest way to sleep in any country

Single Rooms – More privacy & safety for sole travelers

Double Rooms – For traveling couples

Twin Rooms – Best for traveling friends or relatives

Family Rooms – For traveling families with children