Sleeping Inn Surfers staff picks you up from the bus stop with their awesome stretch limo. The rooms are arranged in some kind of shared appartment bungalow style with a common kitchen and seating area. This is very convenient and just nice. The dorm was only 4-share (2 bunk beds). Everything is clean, there’s also a TV, but the computers for the internet near the reception both didn’t work. The staff was very friendly too. They have a costume party on once a week, it’s fun joining it. However, we also had a rather bad experience here with a really weird Australian couple staying in the room who stole clothes and a watch while we were sitting just next door in the kitchen area having breakfast. Never trust anyone!
Clean rooms
Kitchen & TV
Great room arrangement
Free stretch limo pick up
Friendly staff
Costume party
Internet PCs broken

Sleeping Inn Surfers - Stretch Limo
Rooms from AUD 27.00
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Sleeping Inn Surfers  

Our Rating:
    4.5 / 5.0
Great place to stay. Just the computers didn’t work.
(Last Reviewed: December 2004)