The Woodquay Hostel in Galway run by friendly Julie is a lovely little hostel, located in the heart of the city. Rooms and beds are OK, but don’t expect anything special. The bathrooms/showers could need some renovation and seem generally a bit insufficient. The large common room with sofa, TV and tables is nice. The kitchen is clean and modern. It would have been an even better experience staying here if they would have provided a few slices of toast in the morning along with some spread and jam. But at least you get some free tea and coffee here. Other than that we didn’t like some of the weird people who stayed here, especially the smelly guy in our room – apparently a long term tennant. The Hostel is now up for sale.
Great location
Friendly staff
Guest kitchen
Free WiFi
Free tea/coffee in the morning
No breakfast
Insufficient bathrooms
Some weird guests
Too expensive

Woodquay Hostel Galway
Beds from EUR 16.99
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Our Rating:
    3.5 / 5.0
An OK place to stay in Galway.

(Last Reviewed: June 2011)