Whether you’re off on a well-earned holiday or planning a year out travelling, finding the right accommodation for your adventures can be confusing. Should you choose a hostel, a family run B and B, a hotel or a private villa? The answer, of course, can depend on a number of things, such as the style of your trip, what accommodation is available at your destination and your budget.

Once you have defined your reason for travelling then selecting the perfect accommodation becomes a lot easier. If you are taking a year out and visiting a number of places then simple, affordable accommodation will be best. However, if you’re planning a special trip or are travelling with the family then you might benefit from staying somewhere with additional facilities.

If you are travelling on a budget, or don’t plan to stay too long in any one location then a backpackers hostel might be for you. They are perfect if your budget is small too and can be found pretty much everywhere around the world. They offer the opportunity to meet new friends and travel companions and give you basic accommodation often shared with others. Yes, the accommodation is basic, but you will usually find a shared common room, kitchen area and bathrooms for your use.

If your budget stretches further then you might want to try a budget hotel or smaller B and B. Again, you will find these hotels and guesthouses in great locations in almost any country in the world, and although your room will still be basic you will benefit from more space to yourself and the extra bit of privacy. Some accommodation may come with a breakfast too, or at least on site amenities allowing you to purchase a breakfast should you want one.

For a special break, or if you’re travelling with kids you might prefer a more specialised hotel, resort or boutique apartments. This type of accommodation can be more stylish or luxurious and will usually offer additional facilities such as a leisure club, restaurant or bar. The larger hotels and resorts can also offer guests added perks including room service or a 24-hour concierge.

But if you want a holiday that is extra special you might want to consider hiring a private villa. Villas are really popular with holidaymakers these days and can be found in locations all around the world, close to some of the best beaches, cities and well known attractions. Hiring a villa means having your own space for your holiday, with kitchens, bathrooms and lounge space full of all the mod cons you would expect at home. Not only that, but you can get extras such as gardens and private parking.

A private villa isn’t as expensive as you might think either, especially if you’re travelling with friends and family as you can share the cost. So if you like the idea of lounging beside your own private pool villa, hire could be for you.