Al-Katre Backpacker is perfectly located in the old city centre of Cordoba. Small streets paved with pebbles and houses painted white. You will find many Arab influences in the centre, horse and carriages included. Everything you need to see is walking distance. Plenty restaurants and bars as well as squares to go and sit down for drink.

The hostel is the best one we have stayed in Spain so far. The place looks wonderful! It is an old patio home and contains about 13 guest rooms. Our 6 bed mixed dorm was very spacious and lockers are provided in the room (no need to bring your own padlock.). Clean linnen is included. There are a few common areas and a lovely outside terrace as well. Plants and flowers next to comfortable seats to chill. The bathrooms are also spacious, hold only one shower and toilet each, so it’s like a private bathroom.

The kitchen is basic, but except if you want to go wild and bake something in an oven it contains everything you need. For an additional 2 Euro you’ll have basic breakfast included: coffee, tea, fruit juice, bread, marmalade, butter and cakes. Last but not least: The staff is just wonderful! The ladies are super nice. You will find them tidying up the place, smiling around, caring for the plants and everything smells nice.

Very pretty and spacious

Excellent location

Very very clean

Reception closed 12am-8am

Al-Katre Backpacker - Cordoba Al-Katre Backpacker - Cordoba - Kitchen
Al-Katre Backpacker - Cordoba - Outside Al-Katre Backpacker - Cordoba - Seating
Al-Katre Backpacker - Cordoba - Tables Al-Katre Backpacker - Cordoba - Dorm Room
Al-Katre Backpacker - Cordoba - Shower
Beds from 14.25 EUR
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Al-Katre Backpacker – Cordoba

Rated 5.0 / 5.0 (1 review)

From 14.25 EUR per person – dorm (available)

We loved it here!

(Last Reviewed: October 2015)