Green Bridge was a nice hostel to stay at for a few nights. The staff was extremely helpful offering local spots to visit and eat. They also had insight on the tourist locations as well.

Our 4-bed room was very comfortable with individual beds and shelves above each bed plus nightstands for personal storage. There were not many outlets in the room but the staff is happy to charge your electronics at their desk. Due to the close proximity to the night life of the city there was a lot of street noise at night – usually until 2 AM. You usually had to wait a minute for the bathroom as several rooms shared but it wasn’t too bad. There was also a large common space – one with couches and another with a kitchen area including coffee.

Helpful staff
Comfortable individual beds
Personal shelves & nightstands
Large common space
Nightlife area
Noisy street until 2am
Bathroom queue

Green Bridge Guesthouse - Budapest - Lobby Green Bridge Guesthouse - Budapest - Room
Beds from EUR 16.00
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Our Rating:
Green Bridge Guesthouse – Budapest

Rated 4.5 / 5.0 (1 review)

From EUR 16.00 per Person – 4-bed Room (Available)

Nice clean guesthouse with extras. Recommended!

(Last Reviewed: June 2015)