Wombats City Hostel Vienna was a comfortable stay. The overall experience we had here was positive. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly and made you feel like they were your priority. There was also a large lounge area downstairs to relax in plus a cool bar you could chill at and have some drinks.

Our room was clean and comfortable with 3 sets of bunk beds. Each bed (top and bottom) had a small night stand with a light and individual outlet. There was also a bathroom in the room.

Our only complaint about Wombats is the hall noise. Sound bounces around and echos throughout the halls a lot! You also can’t close the bedroom door without slamming it so you might not have the most restful night if your room mates have a different schedule from you.

Overall this was a nice hostel and worth the price. It had a convenient location to many exciting parts of the city.

Good amenities
Bathroom ensuite
Large lounge area & bar
Friendly & helpful staff
Good location
Noisy rooms & halls
Door slamming

Wombats City Hostel - Vienna - Dorm
Beds from EUR 16.00
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Wombats City Hostel - Vienna - Room Wombats City Hostel - Vienna - Bathroom

Our Rating:
Wombats City Hostel – Vienna

Rated 4.5 / 5.0 (1 review)

From EUR 16.00 per Person – 8-bed Room (Available)

Comfortable hostel with good amenities.

(Last Reviewed: June 2015)