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Casa Elemento is one of Colombia’s most famous hostels – and rightfully so. Located deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, this hostel best suits an energetic, nature-loving crowd. The hostel has many excellent aspects about it: delicious homemade food, clean rooms, a well-stocked bar, unbeatable views and of course the renowned ‘giant hammocks’ overlooking the valley.

The hostel has been well designed to create an interactive atmosphere among travelers. There is a centrally located pool positioned near the bar, providing guests with views over the surrounding mountain range. The hostel’s lack of Wi-Fi effectively ensures guests socialize. Furthermore, board games and other entertainment is provided.

It is hard to fault Casa Elemento, however the high prices can be hard to justify. Meals, while deliciously prepared using freshly grown produce, are on the pricier side and the location of the mountaintop heaven makes ordering on-site the only option. The 40-minute moto-taxi ride from the town of Minca ensures guests receive a genuine jungle stay, but also makes access to the town difficult. In spite of this, the majority of hiking activities are located within walking distance from the hostel; reception can organize transport for the few that aren’t.

Great location in the nature

Homemade food

Giant hammocks

Well-stocked bar


High price

No WiFi

Far away from town

Casa Elemento - Minca Casa Elemento - Minca - View
Casa Elemento - Minca - Mountains Casa Elemento - Minca - Room
Casa Elemento - Minca - Hammocks Casa Elemento - Minca - TV Room
Casa Elemento - Minca - Toilet
Beds from 35,000 COP
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Our Rating:
Casa Elemento – Minca

Rated 3.5 / 5.0 (1 review)

From COP 35,000 per person – dorm (available)

Great place for nature-lovers but a bit overpriced.

(Last Reviewed: September 2016)

Tucked away in the bustling streets of Bogota’s most trendy neighborhood, La Candelaria, Fatima Hostel offers guests a pleasant and affordable stay. Well signposted and located nearby to other popular backpacker hostels, hip new bars and hole-in-the-wall cafes, this energetic hostel is best-suited to a young backpacker crowd. There is a convenient bar attached with some of the best salsa music in town, a communal chill-out area and a kitchen specifically designed for guests to avoid staff interference. The dormitories are spacious and clean, the beds comfortable and situated away from the bar area which can be loud at night. Other facilities include a smoking room, computers, free towel rental and 24/7 coffee and tea.

Perhaps the only negative to Fatima Hostel is its popularity; even in off-season reservations are recommended. Secondly, the bathrooms vary in quality; while there is an abundance of showers and toilets, some are not as comfortable as others. However, the hot-water is reliable and they are well-maintained by housekeeping staff. Additionally, the hostel only has 2 computers which makes them a desired resource considering the number of rooms available.

Overall, Fatima Hostel is guaranteed to provide guests with an enjoyable stay in Bogota. The welcoming atmosphere, numerous facilities and comfortable rooms will ensure guests’ satisfaction.

Good location

Welcoming atmosphere

Bar attached

Rooms spacious & clean

Free tea & coffee

Numerous facilities

Bathrooms vary in comfort

Only 2 computers

Fatima Hostel Bogota Fatima Hostel Bogota - Dorm room
Fatima Hostel Bogota - Toilet Fatima Hostel Bogota - Shower
Fatima Hostel Bogota - Garden
Beds from 25,000 COP
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Our Rating:
Fatima Hostel – Bogota

Rated 4.5 / 5.0 (1 review)

From COP 25,000 per person – dorm (available)

Good value for money!

(Last Reviewed: September 2016)

Che Lagarto Hostel is located in the heart of Búzios and is most suited for young travelers. The chain accommodation company has two options in this coastal city: upper-class suites (a separate location) and the more affordable hostel. The accommodation provides clean facilities, including a well-stocked kitchen with daily room service ensuring you a comfortable stay. The two main highlights of this hostel include its excellent location (a 5 minute stroll into the heart of the cobblestone city and 10 minute walk to the beach) and phenomenal breakfast spread: A buffet providing fresh in-season fruit, a variety of cereals, toast, juices and for those who’d rather like the more traditional Brazilian options, there’s cake and quiche.

There is a pool in the common area for relaxing on warm days with lounge chairs to match, situated conveniently next to the bar. For those who prefer quieter nights, upstairs has couches, a pool table and television.

The dormitories, while very clean with comfortable beds and secure lockers, felt a little too cramped for space. The hostel would benefit from more toilets – there is only one in each dormitory and one for public use. Additionally, the atmosphere was lacking despite staff’s efforts musically. This could have been, however, due to the poor weather throughout our stay.

In spite of these few negatives, we would recommend Che Lagarto to other backpackers, and at an affordable price of R$38 per night for a dorm with an ensuite, it will hardly break the bank!

Central location

Clean facilities

Well-equipped kitchen

Phenomenal breakfast

Bit cramped rooms

Could have more toilets

Che Lagarto Hostel Buzios
Beds from R$ 38.00
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Che Lagarto Hostel Buzios - Dorm Room Che Lagarto Hostel Buzios - Garden

Our Rating:
Che Lagarto Hostel Buzios

Rated 3.5 / 5.0 (1 review)

From R$ 38.00 per person – 12-bed dorm (available)

Recommended for moderate price & breakfast.

(Last Reviewed: August 2016)

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