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Al-Katre Backpacker is perfectly located in the old city centre of Cordoba. Small streets paved with pebbles and houses painted white. You will find many Arab influences in the centre, horse and carriages included. Everything you need to see is walking distance. Plenty restaurants and bars as well as squares to go and sit down for drink.

The hostel is the best one we have stayed in Spain so far. The place looks wonderful! It is an old patio home and contains about 13 guest rooms. Our 6 bed mixed dorm was very spacious and lockers are provided in the room (no need to bring your own padlock.). Clean linnen is included. There are a few common areas and a lovely outside terrace as well. Plants and flowers next to comfortable seats to chill. The bathrooms are also spacious, hold only one shower and toilet each, so it’s like a private bathroom.

The kitchen is basic, but except if you want to go wild and bake something in an oven it contains everything you need. For an additional 2 Euro you’ll have basic breakfast included: coffee, tea, fruit juice, bread, marmalade, butter and cakes. Last but not least: The staff is just wonderful! The ladies are super nice. You will find them tidying up the place, smiling around, caring for the plants and everything smells nice.

Very pretty and spacious

Excellent location

Very very clean

Reception closed 12am-8am

Al-Katre Backpacker - Cordoba Al-Katre Backpacker - Cordoba - Kitchen
Al-Katre Backpacker - Cordoba - Outside Al-Katre Backpacker - Cordoba - Seating
Al-Katre Backpacker - Cordoba - Tables Al-Katre Backpacker - Cordoba - Dorm Room
Al-Katre Backpacker - Cordoba - Shower
Beds from 14.25 EUR
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Our Rating:
Al-Katre Backpacker – Cordoba

Rated 5.0 / 5.0 (1 review)

From 14.25 EUR per person – dorm (available)

We loved it here!

(Last Reviewed: October 2015)

d’Hostel is located on Luis VĂ©lez de Guevara, a quiet street in the city centre of Madrid. Plaza Mayor is only a 5 minute walk away. The living room is big and really nice decorated. You can see it’s not just stuff put together on a 10 dollar budget, somebody took care. Thought about practical use and details as well. There are a few couches facing a TV as well as enough tables to sit and eat your food.

We paid 15 Euro for a bunk bed in a mixed dorm on the night before the Hispanic day. Excellent price when you consider Madrid is fully booked, and you’ll get free breakfast as well! Fresh fruit, bread, cereals and juices. The communal kitchen is well equipped. Because it is an open plan kitchen you won’t bump in to each other all the time. Showers in the lady’s bathroom are ok, but not very convenient. There is no place to put your clothes. Not in the shower and outside there is only one chair while there are 3 showers. Hairdryers are provided.

Shared dorms have aircon and lockers (bring your own padlock). Bunk beds are well made: you’ll feel like you have a tiny private room. Mattresses are perfect and linnen is clean. Free WiFi is offered throughout the hostel. It works, but don’t expect it to be fast. Finally, it’s clean and there is 24 hour reception. Check out is before 11.30am.

Excellent location

Very nice staff

Good vibe

Good night sleep guaranteed

No space in showers

Very slow WiFi

dHostel - Madrid dHostel - Madrid - Entrance
dHostel - Madrid - Dorm dHostel - Madrid - Bathroom
dHostel - Madrid - Lobby dHostel - Madrid - Hallway
dHostel - Madrid - Kitchen
Beds from 15.00 EUR
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Our Rating:
dHostel – Madrid

Rated 4.5 / 5.0 (1 review)

From 15.00 EUR per person – dorm (available)

Good place for reasonable price.

(Last Reviewed: October 2015)

The Utopia Hostel in Las Palmas is still brand new in January 2015. It was set up by 4 friends from the opposite Gym when one of them came up with the idea. It took several months of hard work to do all the reconstruction work on this former office building to convert in into a hostel, fitting in several beams, pillars and a staircase. Everything still looks brand new. The kitchen is very well equipped with a high-tech stove, toasters, a coffee machine, fridge etc. There is a big table with chairs as well, making the kitchen the social center of the hostel as you have to pass through it to reach the rooms on the 2nd floor.

Toilets, showers and all facilities are very clean. Each room has lockers provided, but you should bring your own padlock or rent one from the reception. The price of 16 EUR per night in the dormitory room includes a breakfast with a great variety of jams, juices, tea, coffee, cereals, milk and more. Accessible from the kitchen is the quite common room with TV, DVD, tables, chairs, cushions, books and board games. Great place to relax! The room has PLENTY of power sockets installed in wall panels of 6 – never seen anything like this before. From here you can reach the rooftop terrace if you kick open that broken metal door. The terrace has a nice green artificial lawn, a sun bed, a hammock and even power! Excellent place for sunbathing if the weather allows. Highly recommend hostel !

Clean & modern facilities
Great rooftop terrace
Breakfast with great variety included
Big common room with TV/DVD
Plenty of power sockets
Modern kitchen
Free WiFi
3 beds stacked in 6-bed dorm
Door to terrace broken
WiFi unstable/cuts off

Utopia Hostel - Las Palmas
Beds from EUR 16.00
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Utopia Hostel - Las Palmas Utopia Hostel - Las Palmas
Utopia Hostel - Las Palmas Utopia Hostel - Las Palmas

Our Rating:
Utopia Hostel – Las Palmas

Rated 4.5 / 5.0 (1 review)

From EUR 16.00 per Person – 6-share Dorm (Available)

Very new, modern, shiny place. Highly recommended!

(Last Reviewed: January 2015)

The Lua Lua Youth Hostel is situated in the heart of the city of Las Palmas on Gran Canaria, only 2 minutes walk to the beach. Its location is very convenient also for shopping and eating. There’s a Super Dino supermarket just around the corner, a bakery on the other side, a post office and lots of food places and a few bars nearby.

The hostel is rather spacey and can accommodate around 30 people on 2 floors. Tiled hallway, wooden doors – nice old style. However, there are no room keys as management has decided it would be unnecessary for dorm rooms. The 2 bathrooms with showers are clean, but sometimes 2 just aren’t enough for 30 people – it’s possible you have to wait quite some time to go for a pee. There’s a toilet with shower also on the roof top, but this closes at 9pm and opens 8am. There’s no breakfast included in the price, but you do get free coffee in the morning once in a while. The kitchen is well equipped, but again, too small if more than 3 out of 30 people trying to cook (and there’s only 1 stove!). At least there are 2 big fridges and a common shelf to exchange your food items with current, previous or future guests. There’s also a cheap laundry service for only 2 EUR per washing. Great service!

The manager Francesca who likes body art is very nice and very helpful, so are most other staff. Also the owner seems to be a very humble man. During our stay there was a special 2 month promotion going on for only 12 EUR per night and bed, regardless of the room size. This seems to be the cheapest hostel in Las Palmas which is very popular, therefore fully booked out every night. Pre-booking is highly recommended and should be done preferably at least 2 days in advance.

Good price
Good kitchen
Good location
Friendly staff
Metal lockers with padlock
Nice rooftop with tables & chairs
Kitchen too small
Just 2 bathrooms/showers
Frequent room changes possible
No room keys (dorms always open)
Showers cause bathroom flooding

Lua Lua Youth Hostel - Las Palmas
Beds from EUR 12.00
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Our Rating:
Lua Lua Youth Hostel – Las Palmas

Rated 4.0 / 5.0 (1 review)

From EUR 12.00 per Person – 4-share Dorm (Available)

Good place to meet people. Good value for money.

(Last Reviewed: January 2015)

The Blue Wave Hostel in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria is located in the northern part of the city, in walking distance to the ferry terminal. The hostel is open just since a few months, but rather small, run by owner Shane and daughter Samy. They are very nice and welcoming, speaking at least 4 languages fluently, having visited and lived in many parts in the world. The interior of the hostel is colorful & playful, yet you have to get used to it. There’s only 1 real bathroom, the shower holder is broken unfortunately and water becomes cold quite quickly. There are more improvised bathrooms and showers under the roof, making it easy for anyone to peep through the gaps while you are taking your shower. The roof top however is nice and has 2 mattresses where you can relax, 2 tables, benches and a chair for children.

The kitchen definitely lacks organization as there are many shelves full of stuff that seem to belong to everyone?! Coffee machine was stowed under the counter-top, it would be good if this would be available to the guests. Also there’s not kettle or anything to heat up water for a tea or coffee. Fortunately in the kitchen there is at least a table and a few small seats for people to eat. The fridge is for common use.

Shane randomly asks people from the hostel if they would like to cook dinner for everyone, which should costs just around 3 EUR each, including drinks. This worked out really nicely and we got to eat very interesting and delicious dishes from other countries during our stay.

The dorm rooms were OK, wooden lockers with padlock and chain available – very interesting. Also there was some decoration in form of flags and bamboo. The lower bunk bed however was too low, so you couldn’t sit on it. Pity also that there was basically no common room where people can sit on a table and talk, especially when it is raining outside and there was nothing else to do. Instead there are couches on the hallway which is the only “common area” of the hostel where the hostel life takes place. Feels a bit like sitting at the airport.

Lockers provided
Friendly owners
Cooking events
Nice rooftop
Free WiFi
Kitchen unorganized
No kettle or coffee machine
Only 1 proper bathroom
Shower holder broken
No common room

Beds from EUR 13.00
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Our Rating:
Blue Wave Hostel – Las Palmas – Gran Canaria

Rated 2.5 / 5.0 (1 review)

From EUR 13.00 per Person – 8-share Dorm (Available)

Interesting place for adventurers.

(Last Reviewed: January 2015)

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