The Casa Grande Surf Hostel in El Medano (Tenerife/Canary Islands/Spain) is located just a few meters away from the black beach in the south of Tenerife, not far from TFS airport. This seems to be the perfect place for kite surfers as there is always a enough wind, it’s mostly sunny and there are no people in the water on that part of the beach. If you aren’t into surfing it is also a nice stroll along the beach where you can walk up the 2 hills. It’s a beautiful scenery.

The 8-share dorm for 15.95 EUR per night seems a bit overcrowded and should have been a 6-share only. The hostel provides big personal wooden lockers that allow you to store your backpack or small suitcase inside. Otherwise it is hard to move and there’s almost no space to put your backpack or suitcase (especially if someone is parking his bike and surfing gear inside).

Bunk beds are alright, seem a bit shaky though. The price includes a free breakfast in the kitchen, with toast, jams, cereals and coffee. However, the kitchen is very crowded in the morning around 8:30am. You would think people here getting up late but the opposite was the case at the time of our stay.

Just opposite the hostel there’s a bar and a pizza place which serves extraordinary pizzas from 7 EUR. The town of El Medano is quite small and there’s not really much to do other than relaxing, going surfing or sitting by the beach slurping a cup of coffee. You can however catch a bus out of town for a daytrip to do some sightseeing (i.e. Playas de la Americas & Los Cristianos). It’s best to get yourself a BONO card which saves you a lot of money when using the public TITSA busses (Transportes Interurbanos de Tenerife S.A. – Connection busses (interchanges) mostly cost only 0.10 EUR for the second trip with this card which can be used on the whole island Tenerife on TITSA busses and the Tram between Santa Cruz and La Laguna (1.05 EUR). It’s a PREPAY card that comes as 15 EUR, 25 EUR or 50 EUR. Remaining credits can be transferred over to a new card at any TITSA customer service counter. Furthermore this card allows travel of more than 1 person, so just pass on the card to your friend or partner. Price of the trip and the remaining balance will be printed on the card by the machine on bus or tram. But be prepared for long waiting times, change of busses and some confusion about the lines in the south of Tenerife.

Breakfast included
Big lockers
Friendly staff
Close to the beach
Common room & comfy TV room
2 guest computers
Town quite & not too touristy
Crowded kitchen
8-share dorm room too small

Casa Grande Surf Hostel - El Medano
Beds from EUR 15.95
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Our Rating:
Casa Grande Surf Hostel – El Medano – Tenerife

Rated 3.5 / 5.0 (1 review)

From EUR 15.95 per Person – 8-share Dorm (Available)

Good place to relax.

(Last Reviewed: January 2015)