The Belford Hostel in Edinburgh is one of the most unusual Hostels in the world. In fact, it’s a converted Church! Unbelievable but true, this place is very special in any way.

Starting with the best about this place, the common room in the basement is very cozy and comfortable. It has a few tables, chairs, bar, pool table and connects to the kitchen and TV room. A breakfast is served here every morning when you pay for it. It’s even warm down there and seems to be heated. Other than the rooms, which are pretty cold and not heated (heaters turned off) and only have very thin walls. This can result in noise during the night, especially if the long-term stayers and hostel staff should decide to have a party in the middle of the night. Furthermore we would like to mention that the rooms are pretty cramped, that some people complained about their mattresses, that a single light bulb above the door is too dark for the whole room, and that during our stay the duvet covers were NOT CHANGED at least twice in a row after people have checked out from the room. Laziness? The lockers provided are generally a good idea, however, we found that the key fits others – unsafe! Two toilets on the main floor are insufficient, especially in the morning – they constantly run out of toilet paper regularly. Fortunately there are a few more toilets in the basement. Showers are in the basement too and not good either, very cold, flimsy shower curtains and nowhere to put your stuff. The automatic taps are annoying and need to be pressed like every 3 seconds – while taking your shower! As for the location, it’s quite a walk from the city, around 30 minutes from the train station.

If only the management would have done it properly and had invested a little more money, time, planning and effort to make this place a more solid one – this could have been the greatest hostel ever! The simple idea of converting a church into a hostel deserves respect. What a pity…

Great common area
Bar & Pool table
Good kitchen
Great price
Breakfast served (not free)
Free lockers provided
Free WiFi
Location far from city
Cold, unheated rooms
Can be noisy (very thin walls)
Duvet cover not changed
Insufficient toilets
Always out of toilet paper
Showers not good
Room lamp very dark
WiFi signal too weak in the room
Lockers unsafe (key fits others)
Some mattresses terrible

Belford Hostel Edinburgh Belford Hostel Edinburgh - Entrance
Belford Hostel Edinburgh - Side view Belford Hostel Edinburgh - Inside
Belford Hostel Edinburgh - Dorm room Belford Hostel Edinburgh - Ceiling
Belford Hostel Edinburgh - Common Room Belford Hostel Edinburgh - Bar
Belford Hostel Edinburgh - Kitchen
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Our Rating:
    2.5 / 5.0
Bit of an adventure staying here.

(Last Reviewed: June 2011)